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2421 E. Admiral Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74110
918.794.3527  |  contact@flashfloodprint.com
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm

We got with May Yang, owner of Flash Flood Print Studios, to talk about the importance of shopping local, some of her favorite locally-owned businesses and more about how Flash Flood came to be.

First off, tell us about Flash Flood.
We opened in July 2012. We provide custom screen printing for apparel and flatstock for businesses and individuals of all sizes. We also provide graphic design services in-house, as well as embroidery and other merchandise through our network of partners. Within our studio, we have a micro shop selling shirts, cards and accessories.

What are 1-2 gift items you have this holiday season, and who might they be perfect for?
A limited edition screen print from our Artist Print Series would be the ideal gift for an art enthusiast! There are currently ten different prints to choose from. Each print was produced in collaboration between Flash Flood and the artist. There are only 25 prints in each edition and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Prints are $50 each and are available through our online store flashfloodprint.com/store or in person at our studio.

What makes shopping local vital during the holiday season?
Shopping local is super important, especially this year, as small businesses have felt the impact of COVID-19. Not only does your purchase go back into our local economy, but those purchases really matter to the individuals who own and work at small businesses! You can’t say that about Amazon.

Flash Flood is an interesting name. How did you come up with it?
When I was brainstorming ideas for our business, I was trying to come up with something that both related to Tulsa but also related to screen printing. The “Flash Flood” portion came to me while I was driving. It was something that ticked both boxes. A weather event very familiar to Tulsans and also a reference to two screen printing terms (a ‘flash’ unit is what we use to heat cure our garments while they are still on press, while ‘flood’ refers to the act of covering a screen with ink in preparation to print). I can’t resist a good pun, so I had to run with it! “Print Studios” is actually a nod to my friends at Baltimore Print Studios, who own a wonderful co-op/teaching space.

What is your favorite thing about being a Kendall Whittier business?
We moved into Kendall Whittier in 2015, specifically because of the developing creative community. KW has always felt like the textbook example of what a neighborhood should be. Our neighbors have been friendly and supportive from the very beginning. Pre-pandemic, I really enjoyed being able to walk to get coffee from Fair Fellow (now She Brews), or at the end of the day, visiting Heirloom or Whittier Bar, and striking up a conversation with one of our many neighbors that I would inevitably bump into.

Speaking of neighbors, what are two other KW businesses you’d recommend to your customers and why? Do you have any favorite non-KW businesses?
Whitty Books – Beyond the selection of books and used records, I always have a great conversation with Victoria. If I’m ever looking for something specific, she’ll order it for me and contact me when it’s ready! Pre-pandemic, they were heavily involved with the community, hosting art shows and local bands. Just an all-around cool place.
Ziegler Art & Frame – Literally the only locally-owned art supply store in town! I love browsing their selection of pens, brushes, paints and sketchbooks. They are the only place that’d I trust framing my artwork.

Outside KW:
Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios and Ida Red – Both businesses that are run by badass women that I look up to! You can always find something fun and surprising at either shop. They’ve been champions of shopping local (and of just loving Tulsa) for longer than it was cool.

Visit Flash Flood Print Studios in person at 2421 E. Admiral Blvd. from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday or online at flashfloodprint.com/store anytime. You can also follow Flash Flood on Instagram or Facebook at @FlashFloodPrint.

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