Kendall Whittier is enjoying these longer days with a SAFE Second Thursday [Window] Art Walk! Head over to #KendallWhittier to see local art displayed in business windows! We’ll also have art drops and a #KendallWhittierWalls giveaway!

Artists will have art in the windows and in businesses. We ask that everyone keep a safe distance and that guests follow the City of Tulsa Mask Ordinance and wear masks. Some artists will be present for immediate purchases, and other items can be purchased online.

We are playing an interactive art game called Exquisite Corpse! Anyone is welcome to sign up to participate, drawing one piece of the corpse – the head, the body or the legs! Each slot is 10 minutes. Pencils will be provided to each participants (to keep!). Participants will be placed 6 feet apart and areas will be sanitized in between. Sign up is available at the Art Walk’s website. More on Exquisite Corpse –

There will also be artists participating in the art drops. They’ll be hiding their pieces throughout the area for you to find! Check here for details on where they are on Thursday night!

Kendall Whittier Main Street be posting a close up of three of our murals. Find the mural and post a photo using the hashtag #KWWallsGiveaway on here or on your social media (make it public) and TAG US (@visitKendallWhittier). One name will be drawn PER MURAL to win $100 gift card to one of the participating Kendall Whittier businesses! Better your chances by finding all three!*

*A person can only win once this month, however, finding and posting all three murals will give someone a chance to win in all three drawings.

Artists interested in participating should email for details!