As the trustees of the Kendall Whittier Main Street organization, it is our duty to contribute as generously as we can of our time, talent and treasure to further the work of the organization.

As such, it is the policy of the board that 100% of board members be dues-paying members of the organization. This payment is separate from in-kind contributions of time and materials during the year. Additionally, board members might be asked to purchase tickets to attend certain events or functions of the organization.

The Executive Committee proposes the following dues schedule for fiscal year 2021-22. The recommended levels take account of the fact that KWMS Board members invest a great deal of personal and professional time in developing and advocating for KWMS programs throughout the year.

Standard Board Dues Requested $200
Not-for-Profit/Young Professional $100

Dues may be paid by cash, check (payable to Kendall Whittier Main Street), or credit card using the form below. If paying with a credit card, you have the option of paying in one lump sum or as a recurring monthly payment.

One Annual Payment

Monthly Recurring Payment