1) A garden that helps cultivate the community. 
grow gardenMuch of this garden is taken care of by the Youth Mentoring Program, volunteers, and school groups. Do you know which Kendall Whittier based non-profit is responsible for it?


2) The distinct coloring of the building should be enough to identify it!
zieglerThis establishment has been in the neighborhood for over forty years. Can you tell what it is?





3) ‘Doughnut’ know what this is? Read below,
If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you should head over to this business and enjoy their unique treats.




4) Where does the hallway lead?
campbellIt is a great place to go for a luxurious get-away right in Kendall Whittier. Fully renovated in 2011, this establishment is worth checking out.





5) Not your typical bar.  
eversomethingHere, you can sit at their floral bar, where you can watch a bouquet being made especially for you. Do you know the name of the new business?



6) Sit back, relax, and enjoy.
circleA landmark in Kendall Whittier, this location is a great place to sit down and expand your mind in a fun and entertaining way.



7) A business that opened in June 2015, do you know what it is?
joThe window displays at this store definitely make it stand out. It is a great place to go for some vintage shopping. If you need another hint, we’ve already mentioned part of their name!


8) It’s Tulsa Time!
clockThe best spot to get the time. This clock is largely displayed and can be seen from many of the businesses in Kendall Whittier.



9) Where in the Kendall Whittier district can you sit down and enjoy one of these games?

Here’s a hint, while playing Apples to Apples you can also enjoy drinking their Apple Pie Protein Shake (and maybe a cup of coffee).



10) Want some food? 
Perry'sIf you feel like cooking, this is a great first step in making a delicious meal. Wondering what this family-owned establishment is? Another clue, they recently celebrated their 78th Anniversary.

1. ɔuı ɹǝıʇʇıɥʍ ןןɐpuǝʞ 
2. ǝɯɐɹɟ & ʇɹɐ ɹǝןbǝız
3. ʎɹǝʞɐq ɐʎɐuɐ oɥɔuɐd
4. lǝʇoɥ llǝqdɯɐɔ
5. buıɥʇǝɯos ɹǝʌǝ ʎq ɹɐq ןɐɹoןɟ ǝɥʇ
6. ɐɯǝuıɔ ǝןɔɹıɔ
7. ǝunɾ puɐ oɾ
8. ʞɔoןɔ ǝɹɐnbs ɹǝıʇʇıɥʍ
9. ǝǝɟɟoɔ 816
10. ǝɹoʇs pooɟ s,ʎɹɹǝd




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