Community Impact

Kendall Whittier Main Street is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2010 by Kendall Whittier merchants and property owners. We are one of 32 Main Street programs in the state of Oklahoma and among the approximately 800 programs accredited by the National Main Street Center.

Our mission is to restore Kendall Whittier as a thriving, walkable commercial district. During the past 7+ years, KWMS program activities have made a profound impact on Kendall Whittier.

Since January 2013, thirty-nine (39) new businesses have opened in the KWMS service area, representing 270 new jobs.

Since December 2012, the occupancy rate in Whittier Square has increased from 35% to 97%.

Private investment in Kendall Whittier since 2010 stands at $35.2 million.

Including public, institutional, and housing investment, Kendall Whittier has experienced $131 million in reinvestment since 2010.

Since 2012, assessed property values in the KWMS service area increased 46%.

KWMS festivals, special events, and promotions attracted thousands of people from throughout Northeastern Oklahoma to Kendall Whittier.

We welcome you to download our 2017-18 Annual Report to learn more about KWMS activities and accomplishments.

For more information on the Oklahoma Main Street Program, visit the Oklahoma Department of Commerce website.